Solar Power

By: Audrey Arthur

Solar power is still growing, even with governments increasing taxes on this vital power source.Jake Glavis

Sun Valley Solar Solutions (SVSS) which is based in Chandler, Arizona is having successful growth even with legislators pushing them back with taxes. SVSS completed a 1.7 Megawatt solar PV installation recently at the Gatorade bottling and packaging facility in Tolleson, Arizona. The system has more than 5,000 Canadian Solar modules as well as stainless steel racking from Applied Energy Tech. and three Advanced Energy inverters. This solar PV is expected to generate about 3 Million KwH each year.

One of the biggest obstacles facing the solar industry is the need for battery storage of the energy created by the solar panel systems. Pel Abbott, the vice president of marketing with Sun Valley Solar Solutions said, “In terms of changing technology, I’m hopeful that in the future we’re going to be seeing a lot more storage…The battery technology is really where we need to make some advances.” Having this kind of storage system created for a relatively low cost would hopefully cause this solar technology to be used in more homes and businesses than now. Abbott is very hopeful that 2014 will be a year in which solar battery storage will experience a lot of advancements.

Arizona is seeing a lot of resilience from the five-person panel responsible for making energy policy decisions in the state. They imposed a 70 cent per kilowatt fee of installed power on home operators that rely on net metering. Abbott said, “for some reason they’re fighting net metering, which is really important to our industry.” Whether it’s fear of the unknown or corporate lobbyists, Abbott believes the nation needs to follow the advice of all the nations scientists and help solve the global issue of renewable energy.