Jake Glavis -MGM Resorts Join US Energy Initiative

To many, Las Vegas is known for its round-the-clock entertainment, endless excitement, and bright, bright, lights. But thanks to MGM Resorts International, the city may be well on its way to cutting energy and going green. According to clickgreen.org, the casino conglomerate announced that it is joining the U.S. Energy Department’s Better Buildings Challenge, a national call for organization to reduce their energy use by 20% in 10 years. The announcement marks MGM as the first company of its kind to join the program, paving the way for other entertainment, gaming and hospitality organizations to step up.Jake Glavis

“Innovating our resorts to operate more efficiently while also offering a remarkable guest experience, is a top priority for our company,” said Cindy Ortega, Chief Sustainability Officer of MGM Resorts International. “Joining the Better Buildings Challenge is another step in our promise to guests, employees and our surrounding communities to employ sustainable best practices at all of our resort destinations.”
The Better Buildings Challenge was launched in 2011 by President Obama to aid the goal of doubling American energy productivity and cutting energy waste by 2030. In the past year, the program has successfully recruited more than 190 organizations, including local governments, universities, and commercial real estate companies. At the National Summit, the Energy Department announced that the initiative’s partners had reduced the energy use of their facilities by more than 2.5% in 2013, generating an annual savings equivalent to $100 million.

Though Las Vegas may be far from synonymous with savings, MGM is working to promote energy conservation. In early 2014, the company approved a program to install 1,600 induction technology lighting fixtures covering 160 acres of open lot parking areas at its resorts. Once installed, the lamps, which can operate for nearly 20 years, will save 2.7 million kWh each year. When it comes to saving energy, we’re all winners.