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ReGen Village

June 1, 2016

Just outside of Amsterdam, a fantastic residential green building project is being developed. Titled ReGen Village, the town will be entirely self-sufficient in growing its own food, producing its own electricity, and even managing its own waste all in one environmentally friendly loop. Indoor gardens, outside gardens, solar panel energy, and recycled compost are not just a part of daily life in ...

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The Greenest of the Green

May 6, 2016

Naturally, in the wake of our changing environment, it is of the utmost significance that we do not just look to alter our reliance on fossil fuels, but that we look to practice sustainability in every respect, construction included. In light of such, the Netherlands is leading the way. With their creation of Earth’s most sustainable building, they are setting an example that will ideally ...

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Benefits of Green Building

April 6, 2016

In today’s world, commercial and residential construction companies are forced to take into account the effects of climate change more than ever. As water levels rise and our atmosphere deteriorates, we are forced to search for viable alternatives to our current way of life, viable sustainable approaches to supporting our global populace. While by no means do I profess to have the answer to ...

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When It Comes to Green Building, Size Matters

August 11, 2015

The CBRE Group, Inc, working in collaboration with Maastricht University, released their second annual National Green Building Adoption Index report for the 2015 year. One of their most interesting findings is the significant gap in green adoption between large and small office buildings. In fact, 61.5% of large office buildings in the United States now qualify as green, compared to the less than ...